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           Lucent's General Knowledge
                          History Part-1
                  Harappan Civilization

1. The Harappan civilization was discovered which in the year?

Ans: 1921

2. Lothal is a site where dockyard of which  of the following Civilization were found?

Ans. Indus Valley(হরপ্পা সভ্যতা)

3. The people of the Indus valley civilization usually built their house of ?

Ans: Pucca Bricks(পাকা বাড়ি)

4. The Indus valley people treated with the--

Ans: Mesopotamians

5. The Indus valley civilization was Non-Aryan because--

Ans: It has pictographic script.(এটি চিত্রগ্রাফিক স্ক্রিপ্ট আছে।)

6. The local name of Mohenjodaro?

Ans: Mound of the Dead (মৃতের স্তুপ)

7. The Indus valley civilization specialised in--

Ans: Town Planning (নগর পরিকল্পনা)

8. The famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavation of Mohenjodaro was made up of---

Ans: Bronze.

9. Which of the animal was not know to the Indus valley civilization?

Ans: Horse

10. Out of the following remains excavated in Indus valley, which one of the indicated the commercial and economic development?

Ans: Seals (শীলমহোর)

11. The earliest City discovered in India was--

Ans: Harappa

12. An advanced water management system of Harappan times has been unearthed at--

Ans: Dholavira

13. From which of the places remains of wells have been found in house belonging to the developed stage of Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Mohenjodaro

14. The archaeological find from alamgirpur in Ghaziabad district reflected the

Ans:- Harappa Culture

15.cotton for textile was first cultivated in


16. Rock cut architecture in Harappa culture contacts has been found at--

Ans:- Dholavira

17. Which was not known to the harappans?

Ans:-construction of Arches (খিলান নির্মাণ)

18. A copper chariot of Harappa Times was
discovered at--

Ans:-Daimabad এ।

19. where the famous bull seal of indus valley civilization was found ?

Ans:- Harappa

20. Who discovered the Indus valley civilization?

Ans:-Dayaram Sahni

21. Which one of the following animals was not represented on seals and terracotta art of harappan Culture?

Ans:-  cow

                           The End

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