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1. What is Pegasus seen recently in news?

(a) Taxibot
(b) Spyware
(c) Malware
(d) Ransomware

Ans:- C

2. Which of the following Indian cities has
been recently added to UNESCO Network
of Creative Cities ?

(a) Delhi ; Jaipur
(b) Mumbai ; Hyderabad
(c) Kullu ; Manali
(d) Kochi ; Kollam

Ans:- B

3. Following the fall of Anuradhapura, the
northern part of Sri Lanka became a
Chola province under the name Mummudi
Chola Mandalam, named such after ?

(a) Rajaraja I
(b) Rajendra I
(c) Vijayalaya I
(d) Kulothunga I

Ans:- C

4. Feni River, which was in the news
recently, forms the part of Indian border
with which of the following countries?

(a) Nepal
(b) Bangladesh
(c) Bhutan
(d) Pakistan

Ans:- B

5. Consider following industries.

1. Electricity 2. Steel
3. Paper 4. Cotton
5. Natural Gas 6. Software

Which of the above is/are not part of Core

Ans:- 3,4,and 6.

6. Which of the following Cities are part of
UNESCO Creative Cities?
1. Mumbai
2. New Delhi
3. Hyderabad
4. Chennai
5. Trivandrum

Ans:- 1,3,and 4.

7. Which of the following provisions of the
Indian Constitution have been adapted
from British Constitution?

1. Principles of Liberty; Equality and Fraternity
2. Institution of Speaker
3. Rule of Law
4. Idea of Residuary Power
Select the correct option using the codes given below.

Ans:- 2 and 3.

8. Kaivartas‟ Movement launched in 1897 in Bengal is a ?

(a) Peasant revolt
(b) Caste movement
(c) Tribal rebellion
(d) Working class movement

Ans:- B

9. Consider the following statements about
Justice Movement:

1) In the 1900s, Mudaliyar, Theyagaraya
Chetty, TM Nair and Alamelu Mangai came
together to form the Justice Party.

2) It was fighting to find its voice in a political climate dominated by Brahmins.

Ans:- 1 and 2.

10. In the context of British administration,
consider the following statements:

1) Lord Ripon helped the growth of local bodies like the Municipal Committees in towns and the local boards in taluks and villages.
2) He appointed the Hunter Commission which recommended for the expansion of
elementary education of the masses.

Ans:- 1 and 2.

11. Consider the following statements about
National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) ?

1. It aims to reduce particulate matter in the
2. NCAP is envisioned as a ten-year action
3. According to WHO, in 2018, 14 of the world‟s

most polluted cities were from India.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

Ans:- 1 and 3.

12. Consider the following statements about
Genome Sequencing ?

1. It is a process of figuring out the order of
DNA nucleotides in a genome.

2. IndiGen project by CSIR is part of Human
Genome Project.

Ans:- 1.

13. Consider the following statements about
Global Tuberculosis Report 2019 ?

1. It is a report published by World Health

2. India has the second highest number of TB Patients after China.

3. According to the Report Alcoholism is the
main factor responsible for Tuberculosis.

Ans:- 1 and 3.

14. Data Security Council of India is set up

(a) Department of Science and Technology
(c) National Cyber Security Coordinator
(d) None of the Above

Ans:- B

15. Which of the following fibre is called
Golden Fibre?

(a) Jute
(b) Silk
(c) Cotton
(d) Wool

Ans:- A

16. Consider the following statements with
reference to the National Pharmaceutical
Pricing Authority (NPPA) ?

1. NPPA is an independent body under the
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

2. NPPA currently fix prices of drugs placed in the National List of Essential Medicines.

3. NPPA also recovers amounts overcharged by manufacturers, for the controlled drugs from the consumers.

Ans:- 2 and 3

17. In the ancient India, who was known as

(a) Kanishka
(b) Chandragupta Maurya
(c) Asoka
(d) Chandragupta Vikramaditya

Ans:- C

18. “10,000 Startups” is an initiative of?

(a) Ministry of Commerce
(b) Confederation of Indian Industry
(d) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Ans:- C

19. Consider the following statements with
reference to Cyclone Bulbul ?

1. It is a tropical Cyclone developed in the
Arabian Sea.
2. Higher temperature in the Arabian Sea
compared to Bay of Bengal is responsible for increased frequency of Cyclones in Arabian Sea .

3. Sea surface with temperature higher than 27° C, is a precondition for the formation of
Temperate Cyclones.

Ans:- 1 and 3.

20. With reference to the Financial Stability
and Development Council (FSDC),

consider the following statements.

1. It was formed to bring greater coordination among financial market regulators.
2. It is headed by the Finance Minister of
3. It was set up on the recommendation of
Raghuram Rajan Committee.

Ans:- All of the Above

21. „Day Zero‟, was recently in news. Consider the following statements with reference to it.

1. It is in the news with reference to a city in
South Africa.
2. It is a situation when the piped water supply
will be cut off from cities due to critically low availability of water.

Ans:- 1 and 2.

22. “Nagada Project”, which was in the news
recently is associated with?

(a) Maharashtra
(b) Odisha
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans:- B

23. Consider the following statements about a person with Overseas Citizen of India
(OCI) status ?

1. He is an Indian citizen.
2. He has full voting Rights.
3. He can hold any constitutional office.
4. He can inherit ancestral property.
5. He gets the facility of visa-free travel to

Ans:- 4 and 5.

24. Consider the following statements about
Tipu Sultan ?

1. He introduced luni-solar calendar.

2. He made an unsuccessful attempt to develop rocket artillery.

3. In the 4th Anglo-Mysore war Tipu Sultan
was defeated by the combined forces of
British East India Company, Marathas and
the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Ans:- 1 and 3.

25. Consider the following statements about the impeachment Process of the President
of the United States of America ?

1. House of Representatives (Lower House) has the sole power of impeachment.

2. President can be removed from office for
treason only.

3. No US President has ever been removed as a direct result of impeachment.

Ans:- 1 and 3.

26. Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics
Support (ARLS) was in the news recently.
It is a proposed agreement between India

(a) United States of America
(b) Russia
(c) European Union

Ans:- B

27. The maximum strength of the Union
Council of Ministers is?

(a) 10% of total members of Lok Sabha
(b) 15% of the total members of Parliament
(c) 10% of total members of Parliament
(d) 15% of the total members of Lok Sabha

Ans:- D

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