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Current Affairs (CA) 2019 questions and answers. Current GA Quiz Questions, News, Topics -


1. Where did the 3rd Edition of India-Australia Foreign and Defence 
Secretaries’ Dialogue (2+2) take place on December 9, 2019?

(a) Canberra (b) New Delhi (c) Mumbai (d) Ahmedabad


2. Alliance Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India, flagged-off its first flight operations between which North-East cities?

(a) Guwahati-Dimapur- Imphal 
(b) Guwahati-Dispur- Gangtok
(c) Guwahati-Aizawl- Kohima 
(d) Guwahati-Dimapur- Agartala

Ans:- A

3. To strengthen the electricity connectivity between the southern and
northern parts of Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor (CKIC), what amount
of loan has been approved by the ADB?

(a) $ 251 million 
(b) $ 151 million 
(c) $ 351 million 
(d) $ 451 million

Answer: (d)

4. Credit-linked Subsidy Services Awas Portal (CLAP) was launched by-

(a) Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (b) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
(c) Ministry of Power 
(d) None of these


5. Which round of the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) Ude Desh Ka
Aam Nagrik (UDAN) has been recently flagged off by the government?

(a) 3rd (b) 2nd (c) 4th (d) 6th

Answer: (c)

6. The new Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System
will be implemented by the Election Commission of India from:

(a) 1 January, 2020
(b) 1 March, 2020
(c) 1 December, 2019 
(d) None of the above

Answer: (a)

7. Consider the following statements regarding BRICS Summit 2019:

(1) The 11th BRICS Summit took place in in Brasilia, Brazil.
(2) 2019 BRICS summit theme is “Economic Growth for an Innovative Future.”
(3) BRICS countries adopted the Brasilia Declaration.

 Of  the above correct statement/s is/are:

(a) Only 1
(b) Only 2 & 3 
(c) Only 1 & 3 
(d) All of the above

Ans:- D

8. What is the rank of India in 2019 Human Development Index published
by the ?

(a) 129 (b) 124 (c) 125 (d) 119

Answer: (a)

9.  What is the rank of India in Global Gender Gap Index 2020 published by World Economic Forum?

(a) 112 (b) 102 (c) 108 (d) 124

Answer: (a)

10.  On December 19, 2019, the World Health Organization released a report
related to Cholera. According to this, what percentage of reduction has been
registered in the year 2019 against 2018?

(a) 40 percent 
(b) 60 percent 
(c) 30 percent 
(d) 50 percent

Answer: (b)

11. What is the rank of India in ‘Global Climate Risk Index, 2020’ released
by Germanwatch on December 4, 2019?

(a) 14th (b) 7th (c) 5th (d) 9th

Answer (c)

12. What is the name of the typhoon that hit the country of Philippines recently?

(a) Savi 
(b) Katrina 
(c) Kammuri 

Answer: (c)

13. Recently RBI has announced the Indian version of ‘America’s Operation
Twist’ –

(a) to bring down long-term interest rates 
(b) to reduce NPA
(c) to improve the managerial structure of banks 
(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

14. As per the Reserve Bank of India fifth bi-monthly monetary policy
statement for the year 2019-20; what is the current repo rate?

(a) 5.15 percent 
(b) 5.25 per cent 
(c) 5.35 percent 
(d) 5.45 percent

Answer: (a)

15. According to a study by UNCTAD, the US-China trade war has resulted
in an increase in Indian exports to the US. What amount of gain has been accrued by India in the first half of 2019?

(a) 400 million dollar 
(b) 500 million dollar 
(c) 600 million dollar 
(d) 755 million dollar

Answer: (d)

16. Which country has launched its largest carrier rocket Long March-5 on
December 27 2019?

(a) China (b) Russia (c) Japan (d) USA

Answer: (a)

17.  What is the name of World’s oldest Rhino which died in Tanzania in
December 2019?

(a) Fausta (b) Tumolt (c) Iman (d) Puntung

Answer: (a)

18.  Who created world record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman?

(a) Christina Koch 
(b) Peggy Whitson 
(c) Jessica Meir 
(d) Anne McClain

Answer: (a)

19. On 27 December 2019,Russia has inducted which hypersonic missiles
into service?

(a) Avangard 
(b) Kinzhal 
(c) RS-26 Rubezh 
(d) RS-28 Sarmat

Answer: (a)

20.  What kind of missile is the Brahmos which was launched recently in

(a) Medium Range Missile 
(b) Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
(c) Intercontinental ballistic 
(d) None of the above

Answer: (b)

21. From which of the following sites PSLV launched RISAT-2BR1 and nine
commercial satellites in the fiftieth flight (50th) on 11 December 2019?

(a) Chandipur 
(b) Sriharikota 
(c) Pokharan 
(d) Bengaluru

Answer: (b)

22. Which of the following institute of India has recently developed an Anti
Diabetic Medicine?

(a) IIT Kanpur (b) IISc (c) CSIR (d) AIIMS New Delhi

Answer: (c)

23.  Where did the Conference of Parties under the UN framework
convention on Climate Change UNFCCC COP25 take place recently?

(a) London (b) Berlin (c) Madrid (d) Oslo

Answer: (c)

24. Who launched the new Rotavirus vaccine named ROTAVAC-5D on
December 3 2019?

(a) Harsh Vardhan 
(b) Narendra Modi 
(c) Venkaiah Naidu 
(d) Gagan Narang

Answer: (c)

25.  India is undertaking the joint military exercise Surya Kiran XIV with
which of the following neighbour country?

(a) Myanmar 
(b) Bangladesh 
(c) Nepal 

Answer: (c)

26. India is undertaking the joint military exercise Mitra Shakti VII: 2019
with which of the following neighbour country?

(a) Myanmar (b) Bangladesh (c) Sri Lanka (d) Mongolia

Answer: (c)

27. Who won the FIDE Women’s World Rapid Championship,2019?

(a) Koneru Humpy (b) Lei Tingjie (c) Olga Girya (d) Ekaterina Atalik

Answer: (a)

28. Who won the Under-15 Women’s Singles title in Badminton Asia U17 &
U-15 Junior Championships, 2019, held between 11-15 December 2019?

(a) Tara Shah 
(b) Tasnim Mir 
(c) Lee Man Ki 
(d) Maya Taguchi


29. Who has won the Men’s Singles title at the Yonex-Sunrise Bangladesh
Junior International Series, 2019, concluded on December 22, 2019?

(a) Siril Verma 
(b) Kiran George 
(c) Rahul Bhardwaj 
(d) Meiraba Luwang

30. Who has won the men’s singles title at Syed Modi International
Badminton Championships, 2019, concluded on December 1, 2019?

(a) Wang Tzu Wei 
(b) Sourabh Verma 
(c) Shi Yu Qi 
(d) Ajay Jayaram


31. World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA has banned which country from
international sporting events for four years?

(a) Russia 
(b) Azerbaijan 
(c) Papua New Guinea 
(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

32. Who took over as the new Chief Justice of Pakistan?

(a) Saad Saud Jan (b) Nasirul Mulk (c) Gulzar Ahmed (d) None of These

Answer: (c)

33. Who has been appointed as the Principal Secretary in West Bengal on
December 26 2019?

(a) Rajeev Kumar (b) Debasish Sen (c) Arun Bhattacharya (d) None of These

Answer: (a)

34. Who took over as the President of FICCI on December 23 2019?

(a) Sangita Reddy (b) Sandip Somany (c) Uday Shankar (d) Sanjiv Mehta

Answer: (a)

35. Ankur Garg was appointed the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of
which major airline company on December 15, 2019?

(a) Air India (b) Vistara (c) Indigo (d) AirAsia India

Answer: (d)

36. Eminent personality Shriram Lagoo passed away recently. He was a famous ?

(a) Actor 
(b) Writer 
(c) Footballer 
(d) Politician

Answer: (a)

37. Who is appointed as CMD of NALCO?

(a) Sridhar Patra
(b) Sambit Patra
(c) Rekha Sharma
(d) Manish Joshi

Answer :(a)

38.  On December 1st, 2019, Ursula von der Leyen took charge as the
President of-

(a) World Bank 
(b) IMF 
(c) FATF 
(d) European Commission

Answer: (d)

39.  Who became the first woman pilot of Indian Navy on December 2,2019?

(a) Sub Lieutenant Shivanshi 
(b ) Sub Lieutenant Anushree Dutta
(c) Sub Lieutenant Shivangi Swaroop 
(d) Sub Lieutenant Avni Chaturvedi

Answer: (c)

40. Who has been awarded Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2018?

(a) Amitabh Bacchan (b) Gulzar (c) Salim Khan (d) Dilip Kumar

Answer: (a)

41. Who has been crowned Miss Universe for the year 2019?

(a) Zozibini Tunzi (b) Madison Anderson (c) Ashley Alvidrez (d) None of these

Answer: (a)

42. Who has been conferred the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award by
UNICEF on December 3, 2019?

(a) Priyanka Chopra 
(b) Aamir Khan 
(c) Akshay Kumar 
(d) Neeta Ambani

Answer: (a)

43. Kerala semi-high speed rail project named as silver line extends between ?

(a) Thiruvananthapuram–Kasargod 
(b) Kottayam–Kannur
(c) Tirur–Kollam 
(d) Ernakulum–Kasargod


44. The loan of $490 million signed between ADB and India is to upgrade
the roads in which of the following states?

(a) Uttar Pradesh 
(b) Andhra Pradesh 
(c) Madhya Pradesh 
(d) Punjab

Answer: (c)

45. Mission Indradhanush is the launched by the government to immunize children under the age of?

(a) 1 year 
(b) 3 years 
(c) 2 years 
(d) 7 years

Answer: (c)

46. A total of how many projects have been sanctioned by the Ministry of
Tourism for the North Eastern states worth Rs. 1456 crore?

(a) 10 (b) 12 (c) 14 (d) 18

Answer: (d)

47. Recently the Dadra and Nagar Haveli have been merged with which
union territory?

(a) Andaman and Nicobar Islands 
(b)Daman and Diu
(c) Lakshadweep
(d) Puducherry

Answer: (b)

48.  When is the National Mathematics Day?

(a) 20 December 
(b) 22 December 
(c) 24 December 
(d) 18 December


49. When is the International Human Solidarity Day celebrated?

(a) 20 December 
(b) 22 December 
(c) 24 December 
(d) 28 December

Answer: (a)

50. When is the National Consumer Day observed?

(a) 24 December 
(b) 22 December 
(c) 21 December 
(d) 25 December

Answer: (a)

51. When is the Human Rights Day celebrated?

(a) 10 December 
(b) 9 December 
(c) 8 December 
(d) 12 December

Answer: (a)

52. Recently World Soil Day observed on which day?

(a) 4 December 2019 (b) 5 December 2019 (c) 6 December 2019 (d) 1 December 2019

Answer: (b)

53. When is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

(a) 1 December 
(b) 2 December 
(c) 4 December 
(d) 30 November

Answer :(b)

54. When is International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated?

(a) 2 December 
(b) 3 December 
(c) 1 December 
(d) 28 November

Answer: (b)

55. Who is the author of the book Politics of Opportunism?

(a) R P N Singh 
(b) Manish Rao 
(c) Anish Singh 
(d) None of These

Answer: (a)

56. When is the World AIDS Day observed every year?

(a) 1 December 
(b) 30 November 
(c) 2 December 
(d) 29 November

Answer: (a)

57.  The Ultra Marathon-Glory Run was conducted between which two cities
which completed on November 6 2019?

(a) Kargil to New Delhi 
(b) Kargil to shimla 
(c) Kargil to Kohima 
(d) None of the above

Answer: (c)

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