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General knowledge Questions and Answer | Geography of all Tropic

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Important General Knowledge Related to
Geography of all tropic

1. Kanha National Park is Located at?

Ans:- M.P

2. The fastest Planet is ?

Ans:- Mercury

3. Which of does not belong to " temperate grassland" ?

Ans:- Savannah

4. Which one mountain ranges is spread over only one state in india ?

Ans:- Ajanta

5. A "meteor" is ?

Ans:- a price of matter which has entered the earth atmosphere from outer space.

6. Willy willy is ?

Ans:- a tropical cyclone of north-west Australia.

7. What are "Doldruns"

Ans:- a low pressure beltround the equator.

8. Next to Hindi the language spoken by the largest number of people in India is ?

Ans:- Telegu

9. The Alps Mountain are which type of mountains ?

Ans:- Young Fold Mountains

10. The velocity of winds is governed by ?

Ans:- Pressure Gradient.

11. Soils can best be conserved On The Hills by which one of the cultivation method?

Ans:- Contour ploughing.

12. Grassland which do not support any trust are called ?

Ch Ans:- Steppes.

13. Which planet takes the longest time do rotate on its axis?

Ans:- Venus.

14. The Doddabeta peak is a part of ?

Ans:- Annamalai.

15. The iste of man lies between ?

Ans:- Northern Ireland and England.

16. The palnet which has no moon is ?

Ans:- Mercury.

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