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General knowledge Questions and Answer | Geography of all tropic

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1. Which is sorrounded by the volcano " Ring of Fire" ?

Ans:- Pacific Ocean

2. Which is the place of origin of eartquake ?

Ams:- Epicentre

3. Quick sand is a type of ?

Ans:- Phenomenon occurring in river bed, due to upward flow of water from underground springs.

4. Which country in known as the " sugarbowl" of the world ?

Ans:- Cuba

5. When a person moves from pole to the equator, the population of plants and animals will ?

Ans:- increase.

6. Which states share the Tungabhadra multipurpose project ?

Ans:- Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

7. What are the grasslands of south america called ?

Ans:- Pampas.

8. Benguela current touches the ?

Ans:- Mexican Gulf Coast.

9. Isobronts join places having ?

Ans:- thunderstorm at the same time.

10. The Talcher power project is situated time in the state of ?

Ans:- Orissa

11. Pieces of planets of irregular size are known as ?

Ans:- asteroids

12. The third digit of the postal index number (PIN) of india denotes the ?

Ans:- Sorting District

13. The gobi gobi d lies under the shadow of mountain chain ?

Ans:- Ural

14. The Palk Bay lies between ?

Ans:- Gulf of Mannar and Bay of Bengal.

15. Isohytes are imaginary lines drawn on a map connecting places of equal ?

Ans:- mean rainfall

16. A narrow passage of water connectingt two large bodies of water is known as a ?

Ans:- Strait

17. The most abundant constitutents of earth's curst are ?

Ans:-  igneous rocks

18. Which state has the lowest number of female per thousand of male ?

Ans:- Rajasthan.

19. In which state is silent valley located ?

Ans:- Kerala.

20. For what is ozar known ?

Ans:- Mig aircraft factory.

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