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General knowledge Questions and Answer | General Science |

Very helpful and Most Importen Questions and Answer For All Competitive Exam..
UPSC Civil Service, Combined Defence (CDS), National Defence Academy (NDA), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Bank 
Probationary Officers (P.O/T.O), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Economy 
Service (IES), L.I.C, G.I.A, etc.



1. What is the time difference between indian standard time and Greenwich mean time ?

Ans:- 5:30 

2. Which of the metals is used in the filament of an electric buld ?

Ans:- Tungsten.

3. The leaves of which are used as food for silk worms ?

Ans:- Mulberry tree

4. Which thermometer is used to indicate the lowest tempera ture ?

Ans:- Alcohol thermometer

5. Which of the best conductor of electricity ?

Ans:- Silver

6. Which of the planets has maximum number of satellites ?

Ans:- Saturn.

7. Which is present in hard water ?

Ans:- calcium.

8. From which of the trees,quinine is obtained ?

Ans:- Cinchona.

9. Which is connected with the blood pressure ?

Ans:- Adrenal.

10. Which of planets is the largest ?

Ans:- Jupiter.

11. What is the normal temperature of a human being ?

Ans:- 36.9 Degree Centigrade.

12. What is the approximate circumference of the earth ?

Ans:- 40000 k.m.

13. Which is the brightest planet ?

Ans:- Venus.

14. What type of the lens will you suggest for a far-sighted person ?

Ans:- Converging.

15. Which is the main source of vitamin 'A' ?

Ans:- all the vegetables.

16. Rader detecnts the enemy's aircraft using ?

Ans:- Radio Waves.

17. Which metal is used in stronge  batteries ?

Ans:- Lead.

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