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General knowledge Questions and Answer | General Science of all Tropic

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Probationary Officers (P.O/T.O), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Economy Service (IES), L.I.C, G.I.A, etc.


1. Light energy is covered into chemical energy by ?

Ans:- photosynthesis.

2. Which constitutes the major part of the  human body ?

Ans:- water

3. Which of diseases can be prevented by the injection of a toxoid ?

Ans:- Diphtheria.

4. The cooler part of the sun,emitting weal red light ,is called ?

Ans:- photosphere.

5. Which one qualities of diamond is expressed in terms of carat ?

Ans:- Weight

6. Which disease is caused by a virus ?

Ans:- Small pox.

7. Which is the purest form of water ?

Ans:- Distilled water.

8. Who among the following was the first to measure the circumference of the earth ?

Ans:- Eratosthenes.

9. Which of the contains is highest protein content physical science ?

Ans:- Soyabean.

10. How many signs are in the zodiac ?

Ans:- 7

11. Who was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of neutron ?

Ans:- James Chadwick.

12. The periodic rise and fall of water on sea causes ?

Ans:- Tides.

13. Which is non- ferrous metal ?

Ans:- Aluminium.

14. Which is the source of cork ?

Ans:- Quercus suber.

15. Deficiency of which of the leads to an attack of diabetes ?

Ans:- Enzymes.

16. The most abundant organic compound found in the nature is the ?

Ans:- Cellulose.

17. Iodized salt is taken by persons living in sub-Himalayan region to prevent and control ?

Ans:- Goitre.

18. Which is the largest living mammal ?

Ans:- Blue whale.

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