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General knowledge Questions and Answer | Indian History |

Very helpful and Most Importen Questions and Answer For All Competitive Exam..UPSC Civil Service, Combined Defence (CDS), National Defence Academy (NDA), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Bank
Probationary Officers (P.O/T.O), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Economy Service (IES), L.I.C, G.I.A, etc.


1. The famous Quit india resolve,the top congress leaders were arrested on ?

Ans:- August 9, 1942.

2. Dyarchy as the form of government at the provincial level was introduced by the ?

Ans:- Government of india Act. 1919

3. Why did the Cripps Mission Fail ?

Ans:- It refused a war-time national government with powers.

4. The Moplah Revolt was organised by the Musslim agri cultural workers of ?

Ans:- Malabar.

5. The Kalinga war is famous in the history of India because ?

Ans:- it marked a change in the foreign policy of ashoka.

6. The kushans belonged to ?

Ans:- The yuechi tribe of china.

7. The origin of the Gupta dynasty is generally traced from ?

Ans:- Sri Gupta.

8. Which Mughal ruler died by falling from the stairs of his library ?

Ans:- Humayun.

9."Khilafat" movement subsided because of the ?

Ans:- Accession of Kamal pasha on the throne of turkey.

10. The basic education advocated by Gandhi in Wardha congress is related with ?

Ans:- Social relevance of education in society.

11. With the death of Lokmanya tilak in 1920 the ?

Ans:- Gandhian era began with the undisputed leadership of  M.K.Gandhi.

12. The amount of tax in Mausian era equalled ?

Ans:- 1/6 th of the total produce.

13. Sikandar lodi attached bengal during the reighn of ?

Ans:- Alauddin Hussain Shah.

14. Who described india as an ethnological museum ?

Ans:- V.Smith

15. The Rashtrakuta King who constructed the famous rockcut temple of siva at Elora was ?

Ans:- Krishna I.(first)

16. Krishnadeva Raya belonged to the ?

Ans:- Taluva dynasty.

17. Prithviraj chauhan was defeated by Mohammad of ghour at the battle of ?

Ans:- Tarain.

18. Qutubuddin Aibak who founded the slave dynasty in india had his capital at ?

Ans:- Lahore.

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