General Awareness 2020 for UPSC, Banking,ssc,RRB NTPC etc.| General Awareness in English | General Awareness on January 2020


Most Important General Awareness Questions and Answer in English.

1) Sundar Singh Gurjar won gold in ______ in World Para Athletics Championships held in Dubai.

a) Hammer throw b) Shot put 
c) Javelin throw d) Discuss throw 
e) Triple Jump 

Ans:- C

2) On Nov 4 the “Kartarpur Corridor” was opened to pay tributes to Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji on his 550th birth anniversary. What is the importance of Kartarpur Sahib? 

a) Guru Nanak Dev Ji breathed his last here.

b) Birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji delivered his first sermon here.

d) Guru Nanak Dev Ji was married here.

e) None of these, it is just a holy place 

Ans:- A

3) Name the tropical storm that devastated the coastal districts of Jharkhand and West Bengal before hurtling towards Bangladesh?

a) Cyclone Torrent b) Cyclone Bulbul 
c) Cyclone Hudhud d) Cyclone Feny 
e) None of these 


4) Under Marginal Standing Facility, banks take temporary loan from ?

a) Reserve Bank of India 
b) State Bank of India
c) Indian Banks Association
d) Union ministry of Finance 
e) All of the above

Ans:- A

5) The abbreviation ‘NAV’ stands for ?

a) Nominal Average Value
b) National Average Value
c) Net Asset Value
d) Net Asst Volume
e) Net Average Value

Ans:- C

6) Though no date is fixed for the presentation of the Union Budget, it is now-a-days presented generally on __________day of February? 

a) 5th Day b) 1st Day 
c) 10th Day d) Last Day
e) None of these 

Ans:- B

7) Parliament of which of the following countries is named as 'Shura'?

a) Afghanistan b) Pakistan 
c) Bangladesh d) Maldives 
e) None of these 

Ans:- A

8) Which day is celebrated every year to 
commemorate the birthday of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of India?

a) National Education Day 
b) Rashtriya School Divas
c) Bhartiya Shiksha Divas
d) National Students Day 
e) None of these

Ans:- A

9) Name the former Chief Election Commissioner who transformed the face of electoral process in the country by introducing the voter id card?

a) N T Seshan b) T N Seshan 
c) T N Sheshadri d) N T Sheshadri
e) None of these 

Ans:- B

10) India and Indonesia conducted the joint anti-submarine warfare exercise on Nov 6-7 in which place?

a) Bay of Bengal b) Arabian Sea
c) Banda Sea d) Java Sea
e) Timor Sea

Ans:- A

12) Commercial Papers are issued by the 
companies for meeting which kind of financial needs?

a) Purchase of office Furniture
b) Purchase of Plant and Machinery
c) For long term financial assets
d) Purchase of land and building
e) For meeting working capital requirements

Ans:- E

13) Find the miss match pair from the following?

a) Japan - Tokyo b) Kenya - Nairobi 
c) Afghanistan - Kabul d) Australia - Sydney 
e) Canada - Ottawa 

Ans:- D

14) The headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization are in which of the following cities? 

a) Brussels, Belgium b) Geneva, Switzerland
c) Ottawa, Canada d) New York, USA 
e) None of these 

Ans:- A

16) India has decided to opt out of which mega free - trade agreement recently quoting it will harm interests of its farmrs and traders.


Ans:- A

17) The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has recommended for prohibition on the use of RO (reverse osmosis) systems for what main reason? 

a) It is too expensive for common man 
b) It wastes 80% water 
c) It produces poor quality water 
d) RO water corrodes utensils 
e) None of these 

Ans:- B

19) Which of the following best describes fiscal deficit?

a) Total income less government borrowing 
b) Total expenditure less total revenues
c) Total payments less capital receipts 
d) Total expenditure minus total taxes 
e) Total receipts minus total payments

Ans:- B

20) What is the number of member countries in the multi-lateral group ASEAN - Association of South East Nations?

a) 9 b) 10
c) 11 d) 12
e) 13

Ans:- B

21) Which of the following is not a organization associated with the UNO? 

a) ILO b) AIIB
c) IAEA d) WTO
e) WHO

Ans:- B

22) India’s credit rating outlook suffered a setback as it was cut down to negative at ‘Baa2’, second-lowest investment grade, by which global rating agency? 

a) Fitch Ratings Ltd.
b) European Rating Agency 
c) Moody’s Investors Service
d) Standard and Poor’s
e) None of these 

Ans:- C

23) India B team lifted the Deodhar trophy by defeating India C team in the finals played in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It is related to which sports?

a) Cricket b) Hockey 
c) Badminton d) Football 
e) Tennis 

Ans:- A

24) The Indian Railways has installed two ‘Health ATMs’ at the Charbagh railway station in which city?

a) Hyderabad b) Lucknow
c) Aurangabad d) Vishakhapatnam 
e) Mughalsarai 

Ans:- B

25) Which of the following statement regarding money market is true?

1) It provides investment avenues of short term tenor up to one year

2) Money market is classified into overnight market, notice money market and term money market 

3) It caters to investors with a long term 
investment horizon

a) Only 1 and 2
b) Only 1 and 3 
c) Only 2 and 3
d) Only 3
e) All of these 

Ans:- A

26) Who became the first Indian male cricketer recently to play 100 T20 International cricket matches?

a) Virat Kohali b) Rohit Sharma
c) Shikhar Dawan d) M S Dhoni
e) Suresh Raina 

Ans:- B

27) Raja Ram Mohan Roy award is given foroutstanding excellence in which field?

a) Journalism b) Social work 
c) Women empowerment d) Literature 
e) None of these 

Ans:- A

28) Defence Research & Development 
Organisation (DRDO) inaugurated its Igniter Complex at the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory in which place? 

a) Bengaluru b) Pune 
c) Gwalior d) Tromby 
e) Tiruchi 

Ans:- B

29) Which of the following is NOT one of the Nano fertilizers recently launched by the world’s largest fertilizer cooperative Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO)? 

a) Nano Nitrogen, b) Nano Zinc, 
c) Nano Copper d) Nano Potash
e) None of these 

Ans:- D

30) The term bridge loan refers to ?

a) Loan given to a bridge company 
b) Loan given for construction of a bridge 
c) Short-term loan given before main loan 
d) Loan given to bridge the gap in term loan 
e) Loan given to meet shortfall of capital

Ans:- C

31) According to an estimate by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which country’s GDP is expected to explode by growing at 86% in 2020 due to discovery of vast oil resources? 

a) Guyana b) Ecuador 
c) New Guiana d) Peru 
e) Chili

Ans:- A

32) NASA added another feather in its cap on Nov 5 as its _________ spacecraft entered the interstellar medium (ISM) in space.

a) Voyager 1 b) Voyager 2
c) Explorer 1 d) Orbiter 2
e) Hubble 

Ans:- B

33) The Ministry of Skill Development & 
Entrepreneurship has collaborated with 
which global IT giant to launch SkillsBuild platform to provide two-year advanced diploma in IT, cloud computing and networking to the students of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) & National Skill Training Institutes?

a) Microsoft b) Google
c) IBM d) Infosys
e) Cisco

Ans:- C

34) Kristalina Georgieva is the head of which of the following global organizations? 

a) International Monetary Fund 
b) World Bank Group 
c) Asian Development Bank 
d) New Development Bank 
e) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 

Ans:- A

35) Two Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) have been recently granted ‘Maharatna’ status by the Government. Which of the following are the two companies? 

1) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
2) Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. 
3) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
4) Gas authority of India limited

a) 1 and 2
 b) 2 and 3
c) 2 and 4
d) 3 and 4
e) 1 and 4

Ans:- A

36) The High-Level Advisory Group headed by Surjit Bhalla, a senior economist and former member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, has recommended the central government to launch _______ Bonds to bring back $500 billion black money?

a) Tiger b) Elephant
c) Lion d) Rhino
e) Cheetah 

Ans:- B

37) The Indian Air Force has decided to retire its old war horse _______ strike aircraft on December 31 this year, bringing to an end the era of ‘swing-wing’ fighters in the IAF? 

a) MiG-27 b) MiG-21
c) MiG-22 d) MiG-24
e) MiG-29 

Ans:- A

38) The four-day celebrations of the immensely popular Chhath Puja concluded on Nov 3 withdevotees offering prayers to which deity?

a) Rising Sun b) Full moon
c) Setting Sun d) Maa Ganga
e) None of these 

Ans:- A

39) What is the rate of interest paid by the RBI on cash balances maintained with it by scheduled commercial banks under Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)?

a) 1 per cent less than repo rate
b) 1 per cent less than reverse repo rate 
c) 1 per cent less than marginal standing facility 
d) 1 per cent less than bank rate 
e) No interest is paid

Ans:- E

40) Which country won the 3rd Rugby World Cup held in Yokohama, Japan? 

a) Japan b) South Africa 
c) England d) USA
e) Germany 

Ans:- B

41) A new wildfire ‘Maria Fire’ spread in coastal Area of which country covering nearly 9,000 acres in first week of November, sending thousands of people fleeing the area? 

a) Australia b) Canada
c) USA d) New Zealand 
e) Mexico 

Ans:- C

42) Who has been awarded the prestigious Golden Dragon Award at the Cardiff International Film Festival in Wales, UK for his works in Hindi cinema? 

a) Nawazuddin Siddiqui
b) Irfan Khan
c) Ayushman Khurana
d) Vicky Kaushal 
e) None of these 

Ans:- A

43) UNESCO has designated two Indian cities as a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), Mumbai in the field of films and the other in the field of gastronomy. Name this city? 

a) Varanasi b) Amritsar 
c) Indore d) Ahmadabad 
e) Hyderabad 

Ans:- E

44) The authorized capital of Regional Rural Banks has been raised to ________ from Rs. 5 crore earlier.

a) Rs 5,000 crore b) Rs 500 crore
c) Rs 2,000 crore d) Rs 1,000 crore
e) Rs 250 crore

Ans:- C

45) The Heads of government summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) was held in Tashkent, the capital city of ________ from November 1-3.

a) Azerbaijan b) Uzbekistan
c) Kazakhstan d) Kyrgyzstan
e) Tajikistan 

Ans:- B

46) Name the legendary actor who has been selected for the special award, ‘Icon of Golden Jubilee of IFFI’ at the Golden Jubilee of International Film Festival of India (Nov. 20 to 28) in Goa?

a) Rajinikanth b) Amitabh Bachchan 
c) Kamala Hassan d) Aamir Khan 
e) Dharmendra

Ans:- A

47) Which country hosted the 35th ASEAN Summit from Oct 31 to Nov 4?

a) Malaysia b) Indonesia 
c) Thailand d) Myanmar e) Vietnam 

Ans:- C

48) Which of the following is world's most advanced multirole attack helicopter recently inducted in Indian Air Force?

a) Chinook b) Apache 
c) Vajra d) S-400 Triumf 
e) Prahar 

Ans:- B

49) The CBSE and NCERT launched an online aptitude test called ‘TAMANNA’ - “Try And Measure Aptitude And Natural Abilities” for the benefit of students of which class? 

a) 8 and 9 b) 9 and 10
c) 10 and 11 d) 11 and 12
e) None of these 

Ans:- B

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