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Most Important General Awareness Questions and Answer Helpful For All Competitive exam.

1. When you cut or copy information it gets place in the .................?

(a) Clipart (b) Clipboard
(c) Internet (d) Motherboard

Ans:- B

2. Secondary storage .................?

(a) does not require constant power
(b) does not use magnetic media
(c) consists of four main types of devices
(d) None of the above

Ans:- D

4. Deleted data remains on a disk until .................?

(a) the data is overwritten
(b) the recycle bin is emptied
(c) a file compression utility is used
(d) the disk is scanned

Ans:- A

5. Output which is made up of pictures, sounds, and video is called .................?

(a) COM (b) hard copy
(c) graphics (d) multimedia

Ans:- D

6. A satellite in vacuum -

(a) is kept in orbit by remote control
(b) is kept in orbit by retro-rocket
(c) derives energy from gravitational field
(d) does not require any energy for orbiting

Ans:- D

7. The nuclear force is -?

(a) Short range repulsive force
(b) Short range attractive force
(c) Long range repulsive force
(d) Long range attractive force

Ans:- B

8. The required DC voltage for arc welding is -

(a) 6 to 9 V (b) 50 to 60 V
(c) 200 to 250 V (d) 90 to 100 V

Ans:- C

9. The colour code of 47k W ± 20% resister will be ?

(a) Orange, Blue, Yellow, Silver
(b) Yellow, Violet, Orange
(c) Yellow, Violet, Orange, Silver
(d) Yellow, Violet, Orange, Gold

Ans:- D

10. An amplifier is said to suffer from distortion when its output is ?

(a) low
(b) different from input
(c) noisy
(d) larger than its input

Ans:- C

11. Sound in TV is modulating -

(a) AM (b) FM
(c) PCM (d) PM

Ans:- A

12. The spacing between picture carrier and sound carrier frequency in T.V. is -

(a) 7 MHZ (b) 5.5 MHZ
(c) 5 MHZ (d) None of these

Ans:- B

13. The threshold frequency is the frequency below which -?

(a) photo current is constant
(b) photo current increases with voltage
(c) photo current decreases with voltage
(d) photo electric emission is not possible

Ans:- D

14. Jatak stories are written in ancient …… language.

(a) Sanskrit (b) Brahmi
(c) Greek (d) Pali

Ans:- D

15. Who among the following is the Head of Indian Republic ?

(a) Prime Minister
(b) President
(c) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(d) Vice-President

Ans:- B

16. On which of the following dates was the Indian Constitution approved by the Constituent Assembly ?

(a) November 26, 1949 (b) January 26, 1950
(c) August 15, 1947 (d) January 30, 1948

Ans:- A

17. Vishwanathan Anand is associated with which of the following games ?

(a) Snooker (b) Billiards
(c) Chess (d) Ice-Hockey

Ans:- C

18. What is the full form of 'http' ?

(a) Hypo Test Transfer Protocol
(b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(c) Hyper Test Transfer Proxy
(d) None of these

Ans:- B

19. For which one of the following commissions, there is no provision in the Indian Constitution ?

(a) Election Commission
(b) Finance Commission
(c) Planning Commission
(d) Union Public Service Commission

Ans:- C

20. According to some archaeologists, the structure of Lothal indicates to be which of the following ?

(a) Fort (b) Dockyard
(c) Public building (d) Great tank

Ans:- B

21. Consultants of liquefied petroleum gas are-

(a) Butane and Propane
(b) Ethane and Hexane
(c) Ethane and Nonane
(d) Butane and Nonane

Ans:- B

22. Which Sultan received a robe of honour from the caliph?

(a) Ala-ud-din Khilji
(b) lltutmish
(c) Balban
(d) Qutub-ud-din Albak

Ans:- B

23. Symbolic sign of rupees is the combination of Roman and …… scripts.

(a) Devnagari (b) Tamil
(c) Telugu (d) Gurumukhi

Ans:- A

24. Which of the following denotes on-coming generation of computers with Artificial Intelligence?

(a) Pentium II
(b) Linux
(c) iPod
(d) Fifth Generation Computers

And:- D

25. 'Rajtarangini' is considered as an authentic book on history of India. The author of this book was ?

(a) Banbhatta (b) Ravikirti
(c) Pushpadanta (d) Kalhan

Ans:- D

26. On which route is the longest railway tunnel of about 6.5 km situated?

(a) Central Railway
(b) Konkan Railway
(c) Southern Railway
(d) Western Railway

Ans:- B

27. Who is the first woman railway driver?

(a) Rajashree Sachdev
(b) Bhavani Kumari
(c) Ritu Chauhan
(d) Surekha Yadav

Ans:- D

28. Name the luxury train launched by the Indian Railways to celebrate the country's 50 years of independence ?

(a) Rajdhani Express
(b) Swarna Shatabdi
(c) Golden Globe Express
(d) Azadi Express

Ans:- B

29. Under 'Housing for All by 2022', Government has approved setting up of how many houses in the next three years?

(a) 1.5 Crore (b) 1 Crore
(c) 2.5 Crore (d) 1.25 Crore

Ans:- B

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