General Knowledge (GK) Questions 2019 - Basic General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge (GK) Questions 2019 - Basic General Knowledge Questions

1) Which oil company has developed India’s first Winter Grade Diesel?

Ans:- Indian Oil Corporation

2) Stefanos Tsitsipas, Greek tennis player won which tennis tournament defeating all top seeded players?

Ans:ATP finals London

3) Who has been elected as the new President of Sri Lanka?

Ans:- Gotabaya Rajapaksa

4) The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has agreed to invest $500 million in three suburban rail infrastructure projects of which metro?

Ans:- Mumbai

5) Where are the headquarters of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

Ans:- Beijing, China 

6) Who is the winner of this year’s Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development?

Ans:- Sir David Attenborough

7) Attenborough has been conferred Indira Gandhi Prize for which achievement?

Ans:- for his tireless efforts towards awakening the humankind to the need to preserve and protect the planet’s biodiversity

8) What is the amount of cash award of Indira Gandhi Prize?

Ans:- Rs. 25 lakh

9) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a $ 91 million loan to renovate the Vijayanagara Channel irrigation systems in which state?

Ans:- Karnataka

10) Sangai is a popular cultural state festival of which state?

Ans:- Manipur 

General Knowledge (GK) Questions 2019

11) Which date is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Verghese Kurien, promoter of India's most successful
dairy enterprise - Amul?

Ans:- National Milk Day

12) National Milk Day is observed on which date?

Ans:- November 26

13) Rafael Nadal won the Davis Cup title for the sixth time for which country?

And:- Spain

14) The Union Government launched the Credit-linked Subsidy Services Awas Portal (CLAP) for which scheme?

Ans:- Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Housing for All (Urban) 

15) The Sowa-Rigpa represents which traditional discipline of medicine?

Ans:- Tibetan system of medicine

16) As per the latest edition of the Global Terrorism Index, -_________ is the country worst affected by terrorism:

Ans:- Afghanistan

17) What is the rank of India as per the latest edition of the Global Terrorism Index?

Ans:- 7th

18) In which state recently more than 18,000 migratory birds died at Sambhar Lake?

Ans:- Rajasthan

19) For what reasons bacteria Avian Botulism was in news recently?

Ans:- It was cause of death of migratory birds in Rajasthan

20) Dalilah Muhammad hails from which country?

Ans:- USA

21) Chitharesh Natesan 33yr old former hockey player turned bodybuilder from Kerala became first Indian to win which

Ans:- ‘Mr. Universe (Pro) 2019

22) Name the 16-year-old young environmental activist from Sweden who has been awarded International Children's
Peace Prize:

Ans:- Greta Thunberg

23) Which Netherland based children's rights organization confers the International Children's Peace Prize?

Ans:-  Kids Right

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