General knowledge Questions and Answer | History g.k of the tropic | gk questions in english

General knowledge Questions and Answer | History G.K |

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1. Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Mohammad of Ghour at the battle of ?

Ans:- Tarain.

2. Which is the most Important source for the history of kashmir ?

Ans:- Rajatarangini.

3. A new addition of social customs during the rajpat age was ?

Ans:- Jauhar.

4. Raja Todarmal was Akbar's ?

Ans:- Finance minister.

5. The Jain scriptures were writer in ?

Ans:- Ardhamagadh.

6. The Marathi Language evolved from ?

Ans:- Sauraseni.

7. Who was the president in the Indian national Congress at the lahore session which adopted the resolution of poorna swaraj ?

Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru.

8. The Muslim league adopted the Pakistan resolution at its session hold at lahore lahore in ?

Ans:- 1940

9. The first split in the Indian national Congress occured in ?

Ans:- 1907

10. The famous I.N.A trials took place at the red fort, Delhi in ?

Ans:- 1945

11. The Indian independence act which ultimately brought independence to india was passed by the British parliament in ?

Ans:- July, 1947

12. The enemies of chalukyays in the north were the ?

And:- Rashtrakutas.

13. Lord Ripon is best known for ?

Ans:- Local self government.

14. Who shifted his capital from delhi to agra ?

Ans:- Sikandar Lodi

15. The Muslim ruler,who introduced market regulations for the first time in india was ?

Ans:- Sher Shah Suri

16. All the shiva temple at Tanjore was built by the ?

Ans:- Cholas.

17. The name of four Navaratnas of Vikramaditya are given below of them,who was a physician ?

Ans:- Dhanvantari.

18. The Main source of revenue of the kingdom established by shivaji was ?

Ans:- Chauth

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