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General knowledge Questions and Answer | History of all Tropic |

1. Where did Lord Buddha breadthe his last?

Ans:- Kushinagar

2. Who performed the religions rites during the early vedic age?

Ans:- Tamil

3. What was a misl

Ans:- a sikh Confederacy

4. How many Buddhism Councils where held?

Ans:- Four.

5. The Allahabad pillar inscription provides use Useful information about?

Ans:- Skandagupta.

6. The indus valley people were familiar with?

Ans:- Copper

7. The original name of the sect which letter come to be known as "Jaina" was?

Ans:- Nirgranths.

8. Who wrote the work kalpasutra?

Ans:- Bhadrababu.

9. The "Yavanas" refer to the ?

Ans:- Greeks.

10. The oldest Buddhist text is ?

Ans:- Suttanipata

11. Buddha died in Kushinagar --Kingdom of?

Ans:- Kashi

12. The no. Of states in iranian Empire was ?

Ans:- 28.

13. The alphabetical system that came out from Indo Ira relationship is ?

Ans:- Kharosth.

14. Which will come to be called "black bill" by the Indians during the freedom movement?

Ans:- Rowlatt Bill.

15. The interim government at the centre after Independence was formed?

Ans:- After the visit of the cabinet mission.

16. Khilafat movement subsided because of the ?

Ans:- Accession Of kamal pasha on the throne of Turkey

17. "A few year ago, most of the English man regarded the Indians almost as barbarians"----- whose admission was this?

Ans:- Hastings.

18. Which Gupta King announced the title of "Vikramaditya"?

Ans:- Kumara Gupta

19. Which in regarded as the earliest coin or unit of exchange?

Ans:- Nishka.

20. which one of the most important part during the Gupta period?

Ans:- Tamralipti.

21. Which dynasty did Harsha belong?

Ans:- Pushyabhutis.

22. Which book written by bhoja paramara ?

Ans:- Ayurveda Sarvasva.

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