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UPSC Civil Service, Combined Defence (CDS), National Defence Academy (NDA), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Bank
Probationary Officers (P.O/T.O), Indian Forest Service (IFS), Indian Economy Service (IES), L.I.C, G.I.A, etc.


1. Who is associated with the invention of Nylon ?

Ans:- Dr. Wallace

2. The world trade organisation was formed in ?

Ans:- 1995

3. Largest mica deposits are in ?

Ans:- India

4. Copper is refined by ?

Ans:- Roasting.

5. Which is the metals occurs in free state

Ans:- Lead.

6. A Periscope works on the principal of ?

Ans:- total internel reflection.

7. A rear view mirror for driving is ?

Ans:- convex

8. Carbon dioxide is ?

Ans:- an oxidising agent.

9. Which one is use as preservative for food stuff ?

Ans:- Sodium Benzoate.

10. Which chola kings conquered ceylon (Singhal) first ?

Ans:- Rajaraji -1

11. A Trade policy consists of ?

Ans:- Export-import policy.

12. Mahalanobis Model has been associated with which five-year plane ?

Ans:-: 2nd five year plane .

13. Who is the rajput kings defeated Muhammad ghori for the first time ?

Ans:- Baghel  Bhim.

14. What is needed for creating demand ?

Ans:- Production.

15. Rath temples Mahabalipuram were built in the which pallava ruler ?

Ans:- Narasinghavarman 1

16. A copper disc has a hole ,if the disc is heated the size of the hole ?

Ans:- increases.

17. The vice-president is the ex-officio chairman of the ?

Ans:- Rajya Sabha


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