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1. Heat stored in water vapour is ?

Ans:- Latent heat.

2. Force of deflection was first discovered by ?

Ans:- Ferrel

3. The fertile land between two rivers is called ?

Ans:- Doab

4. Black soil is mainly related with the crop of ?

Ans:- Cotton.

5. Who has written the book  'The white castle' ?

Ans:- Orhan Pamuk.

6. The central control of respiratory activity in human body is exercised by ?

Ans:- Medulla Oblongate.

7. Two atoms are said to be an isotope,if ?

Ans:- they have same atomic number but different mass number

8. The stellar and solar source of energy is ?

Ans:- Nuclear fusion

9. The first computer in india was installed at ?

Ans:- ISO kolkata in 1955

10. India adopted the five year plans from ?

Ans:- former USSR.

11. Solar energy is received by the earth through ?

Ans:- radiation.

12. Which state government has launched SMART initiative for agribusiness and rural transformation ?

Ans:- Maharashtra.

13. What is the rank of Indian passport in the latest of the global passport index ?

Ans:- 66

14. What is the rank of India in ease of doing business ranking as per the world bank Group's doing  business 2019 report ?

Ans:- 77

15. Which country has become the first country to abolish all fares on public transport by 2019 ?

Ans: Luxembourg

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