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General knowledge Questions and Answer | Indian Economy and Polity

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   Most Important  Questions and Answer
    Related to Indian Polity and  Economic

1. Which amoung the part is a later addition to the construction ?

Ans:- IV (A)

2. The differences between GNP and NNP is ?
Ans:- equal to the capital depreciation

3. Which of the following in not a non- plan expenditure ?

Ans:- Central assistance for state and VT plans.

4. Directive principles of state policy is ?

Ans:- non-justiciable

5. Social Darwinism Means ?

Ans:- Peaceful evolution of the society.

6. Government is, in fact ?

Ans:- an agent of the state.

7. Which indian jurist held the office of the president of international court of justice ?

Ans:- Nagender Singh.

8. Total revenue of a firm is maximum when marginal revenue ?

Ans:- becomes zero.

9. When average cost increases marginal cost is ?

Ans:- above average cost.

10. Which of the treated as artificial currency ?

Ans:- SDR

11. Development means economic growth plus ?

Ans:- social change.

12. The important function of taxation in India is to ?

Ans:- Generate funds for government expenditure.

13. The support prices of foodgrains in India are recommended by ?

Ans:- Agricultural prices commission.

14. Integrated Rural Development programme (IRDP) was launched in ?

Ans:- 1978.

15. Which plan recommended zero-based Budgeting as a step to control public expenditure?

Ans:- Seventh Plan.

16. Disguised unemployment is the prominent feature of ?

Ans:- Primary Sector.

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