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1. Which part of the vedangas deals with the measurement of altars and places of sacrifice and is the oldest work on Geometry ?

Ans:- Sulvasutras.

2. Which part of the vedic literature is supplimented by sutras relating to phonetics of the vedangas ?

Ans:- Samhitas.

3. Who recited the hymns in the process of a sacrifice in the early vedic society ?

Ans:- Hotri.

4. In the vedic literature who were the gods of mid air according to their above ?

Ans:- Indra and Mantu.

5. What is gatha nana samsi ?

Ans:- it is a part of epic poetry that may be traced in the vedic literature meaning "song in praised of men"

6. Troposphere is the warmest part of the atmosphere because it ?

Ans:- is warmed by the earth's surface heat.

7. A river valley generally becomes broad due to ?

Ans:- Lateral erosion.

8. Trees with hard wood and dense canopy are generally found in ?

Ans:- Evergreen forests.

9. The Himalayas are the fold maoutain and are classed as ?

Ans:- New fold mountain.

10. Ocean currents are mainly caused by ?

Ans:- Temperature difference in ocean waters.

11.Who is called the father of Email ?

Ans:- Rey Tomlinson.

12. Which instrument is used to convert hi AC voltage to low AC voltage and vice versa ?

Ans:- Transformer.

13. The core of transformer is made up of ?

Ans:- Silicon steel laminations.

14. Which instrument is used to measure the density of water ?

Ans:- Hydrometer.

15. Which mirror is placed on the sides of the car ?

Ans:- Convex mirror.

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