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1. Which Pallava king took the title of Agamapriya that means 'lover of sculptures' ?

Ans:- Narasinghavarman II.

2. The poona pact aimed at ?

Ans:- A joint electorate for the scheduled castes and the Hindus.

3. The indus civilization is described as a non-Aryan civilisation because ?

Ans:- it had a pictographic script.

4. Kalibanga a site of indus valley civilization is located in ?

Ans:- Ganganagar District of Rajashtan.

5. Timur attacked india and sacked Delhi during the reign of ?

Ans:- Nasiruddin Mahmd Tughlaq.

6. The Lingayats are worshippers of ?

And :- Shiva.

7. Fa Hien came to india University at Nalanda during the time of ?

Ans:- Chandragupta Vikramaditya.

8. Who described the government or india act,1935 as a "charter of slavery" ?

Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru.

9. What role did the Indian press play in the National Movement ?

Ans:- Many newspapers took active part in propagating the freedom movement.

10. Gandhiji advocated khadi so that ?

Ans:- more employment was created.

11. Mangrove vegatation in india most extensively occurs in ?

Ans:- Sundarbans.

12. The 'Federal scheme' as envisage under the government of India act, 1935 was ?

Ans:- never implemented

13. The indian-sub-Continent lies ?

Ans:- Wholly in the northern hemisphere.

14. Which rocks could be fomed by deposits of animals shells and skeletons ?

Ans:- Limestone.

15. The first indian council act was passed ?

Ans:- in 1861.

16. The Congress ministers in the province resigned in 1939 because ?

Ans:- British Government failed to clarify the aims  of the war.

17. Who described the government of India act, 1935 as a " Charter of slavery" ?

Ans:- Jawaharlal Nehru.

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